Hot summer salad ☀️💗

What to eat on a hot summer day? Salad it is. It’s healthy and fresh. Today I made some chicory with avocado, chicken and cucumber combined with a spicy dressing of mayo, yoghurt and cajun. Healthy again! I must be honest, I did cheat a little the last few days, or enjoyed. Unfortunately eating healthier doesn’t make me feel better and I think I should prioritize differently. Also I am too emotional lately. I don’t have filter and everything gets to me. It seems like it won’t change, but that means my health won’t change and I am a bit worried about that. Let’s hope time will build this filter for me so everything will become easier in the future ~ 🌸💜🌸~ #chicory #salad #healthyfood #healthy #healthysalads #healing #healingjourney #yoga #yogalife #yogalifestyle #saladfood #foodie

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