Follow your mind ~ 🌸

Take it easy? I just don’t know how. I suppose this is not one of the easiest postures, but it is one I enjoy doing. Today I decided to do my own flow. Not one from YouTube, but just follow the postures my body feels like. It seems the best thing to do. I didn’t force anything and I was able to do it without annoying myself. It’s weird how you can lose yourself even though you’re following something or someone you enjoy. Sometimes you just have to go back to you. So you remember you can trust yourself as well. In creating a yoga flow by example. It sometimes seems easier to follow, but sometimes it’s easier to listen to yourself and your body. Just listen and you know when your ready. Today I just didn’t feel like to listen to another ones voice and exercises. Apparently my body and mind wanted to be heard, so I did.

~ ✨🌸✨~

#yoga #yogaflow #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaposes #flow #follow #instinct

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