The beautiful unknown ~ 🌸

There are moments I want to be zen, mindful and in peace with everything around me. But at some moments, actually lots of moments, those feelings are far far away. Not even close, which make it difficult to continue the yoga. To believe and trust in my development. Healing is not a one way street. You keep going back and forward so it seems, but you have to remember that feeling backwards is a sign you’re going forward. Being in an unfamiliar place makes you feel uncomfortable and unknown. So you think you’re in a bad place and life puts you back, while it doesn’t have to be that way. I can’t speak of all circumstances, only mine. The last few days I felt down again. I don’t even know whether where I am going will be good for me. Sometimes I am afraid it won’t. Sometimes I feel brave, realizing I discovered yoga to keep going in a new life and world which will be painful but could lead me to a beautiful world of wisdom and love. The last I believe is hope, to better times of light and development in heart and soul.

~ 🌸~ #yoga #yinyoga #healing #healingjourney #development #yogalove #yogalover #believe #hope #yogalife #yogainstagram

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